Features and Functionality

Key Features

  • Free to download and use​
  • Available for Android and iOS​
  • Functions without Internet connection; can create reports and use
  • NewsFeed offline​
  • Personalised logo and colour scheme​
  • Interface of the app adapts to the device (mobile phones, tablets)

The app is designed for multi-region use

Language settings 

  • Available in English by default
  • Additional languages can be added
  • Ability to choose language within the app settings (when multiple languages are available)


Productivity features 

  • Reports can be partially created and saved for completion later
  • Reports can be saved for transmission where low signal prevents sending immediately
  • Saved reports can be sent at a later date or once connectivity has been re-established
  • App automatically enables users to make use of productivity features on their device e.g. dictation functionality


Reporting ADRs in the app

The reporting form within the app allows the user to input all the relevant data in clear and simple format


News and Watch List 

  • News data from National Competent Authority embedded into the app
  • Ability for EFDA to add tailored new items and other news feeds
  • Watch List news enables users to follow products of interest to them and view information
  • Integration to WHO-UMC application program interfaces (including Vigiflow, VigiAccess, WHODrug)


View ADR data: WHO VigiAccess 

Users are able to browse and view data on suspected side-effects from various medicinal products including:

  • Reactions
  • Age
  • Gender