WP3a, also led by Epidemico, involves the design of a mobile application to engage both the public and healthcare practitioners around issues of real-time pharmacovigilance. The app will have two main functions: alerting, and reporting.

The application will alert users about new warnings from official channels (such as alerts from regulatory agencies about safety issues and warnings), informal channels (such as news media), and anonymised user submissions. Using forms tailored separately to the public and clinicians, the WP3a team will provide a user-friendly tool for reporting information about ADRs.

Reports received via the mobile app will be compared to those received via established reporting schemes for completeness, quality and value for detection of safety issues.

The app will be designed to accommodate additional languages. The steps for expanding to additional countries involves: translating and adapting the form, adding new product lists, and establishing the necessary attendant database connections. A range of scientific and user-based evaluation activities will be developed. These will evaluate the impact of the products developed throughout the lifecycle of the project, maximise their longevity, and meet the needs of both users and regulatory organisations after the end of the WEB-RADR project.

Partners involved

  • Epidemico
  • SRDC
  • Uppsala Monitoring Centre
  • Novartis Pharma
  • Amgen
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • UCB
  • Sanofi-Aventis Research & Development