Mobile Apps

The WEB-RADR project developed three mobile applications (apps) enabling patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to report adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and receive up-to-date information and news alerts.

  • UK (Yellow Card) – launched 14 July 2015
  • Netherlands (LAREB)  – launched 29 January 2016
  • Croatia (HALMED) – launched 18 May 2016

Key features:

  • A convenient alternative to paper or electronic ADR reporting forms
  • Easy to use for reporting side effects
  • Free to use for everyone on iOS and Android
  • Enables users to:
    • create a ‘watch list’ of medications to receive official news and alerts
    • view numbers of reports received by the National Competent Authority for medicines of interest
    • see immediately that the ADR report has been accepted
    • view previous ADR reports submitted through the app

Interfaces of the mobile applications; Yellow Card, LAREB and HALMED


Download from Apple and Google Play stores

The Yellow Card app is available for worldwide download: App store and Google play

The HALMED app is available for worldwide download: App store and Google Play

The LAREB app is no longer maintained or available for download.

Should you have any questions about the apps or the WEB-RADR project please contact us at: