The WEB-RADR 2 project has three main levels of governance. Individual Work Packages are each assigned lead organisations. These leads are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Work Package, and for reporting to the project’s Steering Committee. The Steering Committee reviews progress against the project’s deliverables on a monthly basis, aided by Work Package 1. The Steering Committee also reports to the General Advisory Board on an quarterly basis. The coordinator and deputy coordinator use the outputs of each level of management to fulfil reporting requirements to IMI.

The Consortium Assembly

The Consortium Assembly is made up of one representative from each and every organisation participating in WEB-RADR 2. It provides a forum for sharing updates on progress, project governance, communication, and issues and risks.

The Consortium Assembly provides recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding issues it wishes to address, or issues on which it is consulted by the Steering Committee. These may include, the overall strategy of the project, the entry or withdrawal of a Participant to or from the Consortium, and proposals for the dissemination and publication of deliverables.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the coordinator representative and deputy, managing entity representative and deputy, and work package leaders and co-leaders. It is responsible for the delivery and management of WEB-RADR. The group shares updates on progress, governance, communication, and issues and risks.

The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis for the entire duration of the project, mostly through tele- or web-conferencing. The Committee liaises between the Consortium Assembly and the General Advisory Board, ensuring that recommendations or concerns deriving from any of the levels of governance are shared with the other levels.

The Committee’s responsibilities are mainly strategic in nature. They include, for example, developing the scientific programme and work plan for their respective work packages, coordinating the implementation of the work package activities, and preparing status updates to be presented at Steering Committee meetings.

The General Advisory Board

The General Advisory Board (GAB) consists of experts from organisations that are independent of those delivering and managing the project. The GAB has an important role, providing advice on the overall direction and deliverables of the project, and identifying other initiatives which may be relevant to collaborate with. The GAB meets on a quarterly basis during the project.