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December 2020

Uppsala Reports – Med Safety App: an international mobile tool for drug safety
March 2020

WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter – Med Safety App: an international mobile tool for drug safety
January 2020


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August 2019

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March 2019

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March 2019

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February 2019


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May 2018

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March 2018

2017 – Burkina Faso launch of mobile app pilot in Africa (in French)
15 June 2017

Burkina24 – Burkina Faso launch of mobile app pilot in Africa (in French)
15 June 2017

Innovative Medicines Initiative WEB-RADR Workshop Report: Mobile Technologies and Social Media as New Tools in Pharmacovigilance
09 February 2017


de Vries, S.T., Wong, L., Sutcliffe, A. et al. Factors Influencing the Use of a Mobile App for Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions and Receiving Safety Information: A Qualitative Study. Drug Saf 40, 443–455 (2017).
December 2016

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August 2016

HALMED press release video, Vijesti
18 May 2016

HALMED press release video, Dnevnik
18 May 2016

Vital information at your fingertips
18 May 2016

Croatia is among the top three EU countries that have introduced a mobile application for reporting side effects
18 May 2016

Search term reduction analysis on Reddit data – Epidemico and Uppsala Monitoring Centre joint subproject in WEB-RADR WP2b
21 January 2016


Aims and approaches of Web-RADR: a consortium ensuring reliable ADR reporting via mobile devices and new insights from social media
October 2015

Social Media and Pharmacovigilance: A Review of the Opportunities and Challenges
July 2015

The Yellow Card You Can’t Argue With, Perficient
23 July 2015

MHRA speaks to EPM about Yellow Card app success, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
23 July 2015

MHRA launches new medicine alert app, Digital by Default News
16 July 2015

“Digital evolution” for UK adverse drug reaction reporting, Epidemico
15 July 2015

Yellow Card app allows users to monitor adverse drug reaction reports, The Pharmaceutical Journal
15 July 2015

Public get new tool to report problems with medicines, Blog: THE PUBLIC AND HEALTH RESEARCH by Simon Denegri
15 July 2015

Digital evolution for ground-breaking Yellow Card Scheme, MHRA press release
14 July 2015

Phone app launched for ‘yellow card’ scheme,
14 July 2015

Phone app launched for Yellow Card Scheme, Manufacturing Chemist Pharma
14 July 2015

14 July 2015

Yellow Card scheme goes mobile with first app, OnMedica
14 July 2015

Digital evolution for ground-breaking Yellow Card Scheme, European Pharmaceutical Review
14 July 2015

Searching social networks to detect adverse reactions, The Pharmaceutical Journal
26 June 2015


UK regulator leads innovative EU project on the use of smartphones and social media for drug safety information, MHRA press release
05 September 2014