The Zambian launch event took place on 29 June 2017.

The event was opened by the Director Clinical Care Services – Ministry of Health, Dr Mzaza Nthele who encouraged use of the app for reporting of suspected ADRs. Dr Noha Iessa from WHO presented an overview of the WEB-RADR project and WHO Programme of International Drug Monitoring and reporting in Zambia.

The Zambian Director General Mrs Bernice Mwale gave a presentation on pharmacovigilance in Zambia, and Dr Lavina Prashar, a local University lecturer, presented findings from a pharmacovigilance study conducted in hospitals.

The event was well attended by healthcare providers from the public and private sector. A demonstration on how to use the app was given and attendees were provided with folders and materials on the app.

The launch ceremony was broadcast on National Television, on the ZAMRA website, and in the local newspaper. Collaboration with the WEB-RADR team was lead by Mwewa Mondwa-Siame.

Images from the launch of the mobile application in Zambia

Please see the following items that were used in the launch event: